• The Entertainment and Sports Complex will generate just over $157 million in revenue for the entire region on an annual basis, including $100 million in downtown Sacramento, $116 million in the City of Sacramento, $131 million in the County of Sacramento and in $157 million in the greater Sacramento region.
  • Given that the facility's operating costs will be covered by the direct revenue generated within the arena, over a thirty year period the Sacramento region will receive over $7 billion in economic activity.
  • An Entertainment and Sports Complex will attract 3.1 million new visitors to Downtown Sacramento on an annual basis.
  • Hotels located within walking distance of the facility in Downtown Sacramento will see an increase of over 300,000 guests who choose to spend at least one night in a downtown hotel.
  • Fiscal benefits for government agencies created by 3.1 million new visitors will include approximately $6.7 million annually generated by $5.8 million in sales taxes and over $900,000 in transient occupancy taxes. Additional revenue would be expected to be generated by increases in other sources of overnment revenue such as property taxes.

Regional Support for the Kings


While we are waiting for these cities and counties to weigh in on the STOP petition.  We wanted to share with you this list of resolutions from 15 local jurisdictions that passed resolutions in support of the Kings. Click here to see the list … [Read more...]

They Said It Was Over


They said it was over, that Sacramento had lost the Kings and the ability to build a game-changing Arena downtown. But, together we prevailed. Now we are here to make sure that this project isn't derailed. … [Read more...]

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